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Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild Horse Mesa
San Luis Valley, Costilla County, Colorado
Click for San Luis, Colorado Forecast



1.  Rocky Mountain PBS Documentary Video, Colorado Experience: The San Luis Valley, local history including Spanish explorer Coronado in 1542, Spanish land grants, Ute Indians, Mexican independence, early settlers from Mexico, Fort Garland, oldest town San Luis, oldest church, water rights, oldest store, agriculture, ranching, food, religion, more.

Watch 27-minute video at http://www.museumtrail.org/news/colorado-experience-the-san-luis-valley  

2.  The Old Spanish Trail runs from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.  The East Fork of the North Branch is on the east side of the San Luis Valley, east of Wild Horse Mesa, along Sanchez Reservoir, thru San Luis and Blanca in Costilla County, and along the Great Sand Dunes National Park, north to Crestone, before turning west across the valley.


3.  YouTube Video of San Luis, Oldest Town in Colorado

4.  YouTube Video, Living with Wild Horses on Wild Horse Mesa, by Judy Barnes, photographer, Spirit of the Wild Horse

5.  Watch these great SLV Tourism Videos, produced by videographer Miles Eddy from Fort Garland

6.  Potato growing in the San Luis Valley, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Monte Vista    www.coloradopotato.org/colorado_potato_videos.php

7. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, video room    www.cumbrestoltec.com/content/video-room

8.  R&R Market, San Luis, 150 year celebration, July 2007, audio from KRCC radio    www.krcc.org/krccnews/2007/07/states_oldest_business_celebra.php

9.  August 18, 2009, UnitedHealthcare launches Connected Care Telehealth Program for Rural Colorado.  Videos give information and a demonstration of how the two-way audio/video telehealth service works between the rural patient and the physician/specialist.  Initial service to begin in early 2010 in 4 existing rural health centers/clinics to be selected.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8jbV1rugyc    www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID_RarG_K0c    

10.  September 2009, Aerial Tour of Rio Grande River, wild horses along river

Rio Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado from jeffsflightlog on Vimeo.

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