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Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild Horse Mesa
San Luis Valley, Costilla County, Colorado
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Below are some frequently asked questions.  For more detailed information, please purchase the Wild Horse Mesa Market Report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.  How do I get to Wild Horse Mesa?
  A map and driving directions from San Luis, Colorado, are posted at contact us.  Roads on the mesa are dirt and may be muddy after rain or snow melt.  There are small airports in Alamosa and Taos.  You can find food, gas, lodging and supplies in San Luis and Fort Garland.  Campgrounds are in Fort Garland, Alamosa and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

2.  How do I find the location of a property?  Ask the seller for a map and directions.  Plat maps in various sizes are available for sale from Costilla County.  Parcels along county maintained main roads are easier to access.  Side roads are not maintained by the county and may be more difficult to access and may require 4-wheel drive. 

3.  How do I evaluate a property?  We recommend that you visit the property before buying, or hire a field inspector to visit for you and take some photos.  Buyers have different goals and may be purchasing for an investment, recreational use, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or for building a vacation home or retirement home.  Check the location, road access, cell phone reception, electricity, slope, terrain, scenic views, solar exposure, vegetation, neighbors, proximity to the lake, proximity to town, etc.  Use caution and be alert for wildlife when visiting.  Do not trespass on private property.

4.  Is there cell phone service in the area?  Cell phone coverage varies by location, terrain, and service provider.  There are cell phone towers in the area.  See our section on cell phone, Wi-Fi and Internet service.

5.  How do I determine property value?  The county assessor does a mass appraisal every 2 years based on past sales history, which may be out of date.  For more recent sales prices, 10-year price trends and graphs, purchase the Wild Horse Mesa Market Report.  Prices vary greatly by location and parcel size.  Lowest prices are west of the mesa, along Highway 159.  Highest prices are near the lake on the east side of the mesa.  Some parcels have electricity, most do not.  Some residents have installed solar panels or wind powered generators.

6.  How is the economy in the area?  The San Luis Valley is a low-population, rural, agricultural, farming and ranching area.  City jobs are available in Alamosa and Taos.  The area is rich in Colorado history and benefits from tourism.  San Luis is the oldest town in Colorado.  Great Sand Dunes National Park is a nearby major attraction.

7.  Is water available?  A few properties on the valley floor have water wells.  At higher elevations, residents store water in storage tanks or cisterns and haul in water or have it delivered.

8.  May I camp or live in an RV or build a small cabin on my land?  Short-term camping, up to 14 days per 3 consecutive months, is allowed.  Otherwise, a long-term camping permit is required from the county Planning Department.  Property owners must follow the Costilla County Land Use Code available on the county website.  Minimum size for a single family dwelling is 600 square feet.

9.  May I keep horses or other animals on my land?  It depends on zoning.  Most land is zoned as Estate Residential (under 35 acres) and does not allow livestock.  Areas over 35 acres are zoned as Agricultural or Rural Residential and may allow livestock.  See the county land use code for details.

10.  Where can I buy or sell my land?  We have classified ads of land for sale at SLV Classified Ads.

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