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Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild Horse Mesa
San Luis Valley, Costilla County, Colorado
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When visiting Wild Horse Mesa, visit the

Wild Horse Mesa Community Center
18208 Wild Horse Drive     San Luis, CO 81152
Elevation: 8696 feet, GPS Coordinates: 37 05 260 N, 105 26 354 W

San Luis, Wild Horse Mesa Map

Wild Horse Mesa Subdivision Unit Map
   Satellite Map


Southern Colorado Map

Directions to Wild Horse Mesa from San Luis

(This is a shortcut from San Luis when arriving from the north.  The west entrance to the mesa is at the entrance to the Melby Ranch field office on Highway 159, about 12 miles south of San Luis, and about 7 miles north of the New Mexico border.  Look for the Wild Horse Mesa sign.)

1.  In San Luis, proceed to the east on either road P.6 (south of Phillips 66 gas station) or Gasper Road (south of the Courthouse).
2.  Proceed 2.5 miles to the stop sign at the intersection with Road 21.
3.  Turn right and proceed 1.3 miles to the Detour sign.  
4.  Turn right on Road L.5 and follow about 1.4 miles to the first road to the left (Mesa Drive East).
5.  Turn left on Mesa Drive East and proceed up the mesa about 6 miles to the T intersection with Wild Horse Drive.
6.  Turn left on Wild Horse Drive and proceed about 1 mile.  The Community Center/Fire Department building (see photo above) is at 18208 Wild Horse Drive, at the intersection with Alta Mesa Drive.
7.  Total distance from San Luis, about 12 miles.

Enjoy the drive and the scenery.  Watch out for the wildlife.  Please drive safely.

Maps: County road maps and subdivision plat maps are available from Costilla County Planning and Zoning at 400 Gasper St., San Luis.




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