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Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild Horse Mesa
San Luis Valley, Costilla County, Colorado
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San Luis Valley Events Calendar

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1. Memorial Day weekend, annual living history military encampment, Fort Garland Memorial Regiment, Fourth Artillery of New Mexico, artillery fire, cavalry formations, marching, drills, activities and displays depicting 19th century life at Fort Garland, Highway 160 and 159, Fort Garland Museum (719) 379-3512  http://museumtrail.org/fortgarlandmuseum.asp 

May 24 and 25, 2014
Memorial Day Living History Encampment

All day, Fort Garland Museum, $5.00 admission (includes admission to museum exhibits)

Activities begin at 9am Saturday with the Flag Raising Ceremony. Throughout the weekend the Fort Garland Memorial Regiment and the Artillery Company of New Mexico will present activities and displays that depict 19th century garrison life at Fort Garland. 
On Saturday the Ladies of the Garrison will host an Afternoon Tea at 2 pm.

At 7 pm on Saturday night the public is invited to the Regimental Ball with music provided by the New Mexico Territorial Band. Learn the dances of the mid 1800s while having a great time. Period dress is encouraged but not mandatory. 

On Sunday at 10 am, a non-denominational church service will be held in the Soldier’s Theater. 
The event ends Sunday at 4pm with a Pass in Review and Retreat ceremony.


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